Automotive Engineering Department

Welcome Statement

Opportunity normally knocks very silently, pushing this opportunity to reality in auto maintenance and repairs you shall need to be alert and move with agility to your new career. Start your journey into the Department of Automotive Engineering. Here you will find tabled information showing programs offered with modules details,our workshops in pictures and brief information about departmental academic staff.Then, take the ride of your life toward an exciting career contained into automotive industry. Look around and learn about your exciting new career and the awesome learning process!

Mission Statement

The mission of the ATC Automotive Program is to conduct an academic and applied learning training program which will provide qualified employees for entry level positions in all categories of the Auto Repair and Maintenance industry.

Practical sessions in Automotive Engineering workshop.

Automotive Department in Brief

The department offers Ordinary Diploma in Automotive Engineering and Auto Electric and Electronics Engineering under the National Technical Award (NTA) framework covering levels 4-6. These awards are competence based and designed to testify that the holders possess the requisite skills and knowledge necessary to flexibly apply competences in the automotive service, maintenance, repairs and other relevant occupational sectors.It is anticipated that the department shall bring in a new program – Heavy Duty Equipment Technology (HDET) engineering in the academic year 2015/16 and thereafter contribute in preparing highly qualified and skilled technical human resource at the category of technicians to serve the growing mining and construction sectors in the country and region at large.The Automotive department has established Automotive Advisory Committee which shall put together potential stakeholders from the Automotive industry working with the ATC and provide them a platform to advise the department on how to fill prevailing gaps between what is delivered by the programs and the emerging technologies in the industry and which are relevant to the markets where the graduates we are preparing are going to work.The Automotive department supported by the College Management and external partners is in the process of establishing e-learning for automotive technology modules on the condition that the students will be ready to pay some agreed fees and during pilot period shall remain optional to students. This is an opportunity for us to teach and learn the latest developments in automotive technology by using interactive animations and simulations to enable students learn faster, retain more and come up and meet latest technologies.Academic year 2014_2015 is the second year of implementation of the ATC reviewed curricula in the department; this means that levels 4 and 5 shall be in this implementation of the curricula.The department is wishing all the best to our students and let them remember that today’s life in auto industry maintenance and repairs is full of things and to stay ahead we need to achieve on many fronts by practicing multi-tasking using the departmental motto that “Deeds and Not Words” in all of the activities they are going to undertake.

Semester I

Fundamental Modules

Code No Module Title Credits
GST 04101 Algebra and Trigonometry 05
GST 04102 Mechanics and Nuclear Physics 06
GST 04103 English Language Basics 04
Sub Total Credits   15

 Core Modules

Code No Module Title Credits
 MET 04101  Basics of Engineering Drawing  05
 MET 04102  Mechanical Engineering Materials  09
 MET 04101  Basics of Automotive Technology  12
 MET 04105  Basics of Manufacturing Engineering  13
 MET 04102  Fundamentals of Electrical and
Electronic Engineering


 Sub Total Credits    47
 Semester I Total Credits    62