Head of Department


D.H. Ngoma            PhD in Energy (Newcastle University - United Kingdom), MSc. in Renewable Energy (University of Oldenburg- German), BSc.in Mechanical Eng. (Hons) (UDSM), Certificate of Environmental Science (Deft UNESCO – IHE) - The Netherlands, Graduate Certificate in Vocational Education and Training - South Africa/Australia, Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education - Newcastle University, UK.


Mechanical Engineering Department offers five training programs (Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor degree in Mechatronics and Materials Engineering, Ordinary Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Ordinary Diploma in Pipes Works, Oil and Gas Engineering) and ordinary diploma in Mechanical and Bioenergy Engineering accredited by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE). 


Programs at Mechanical Engineering Department are dedicated to train students at all levels: studies, personal development, enriching cultural and community life.

Studies are semester-based and give all students the opportunity to study based on CBET curricula with emphasis given to hands on learning. Academic staffs have different levels of education ranging from Diploma to bachelor Degree.


Programmers offered by Mechanical Engineering Department.


  1. Higher Diploma (NTA LEVEL 7) in Mechanical Engineering
  2. Higher diploma (NTA LEVEL 7) in Mechatronics and Materials Engineering
  3. Bachelor degree (NTA LEVEL 8) in Mechatronics and Materials Engineering
  4. Bachelor degree (NTA LEVEL 8) in Mechanical Engineering
  5. Basic Technician Certificate (NTA4) in Mechanical 
  6. Technician Certificate (NTA LEVEL 5) in Mechanical Engineering
  7. Ordinary Diploma (NTA LEVEL 06) In Mechanical 
  8. Basic Technician Certificate (NTA LEVEL 4) in Pipework Oil and Gas Engineering
  9. Technician Certificate (NTA LEVEL 5) in Pipework Oil and Gas Engineering
  10. Basic technician Certificate (NTA LEVEL 4) in Mechanical and Bioenergy Engineering


Short Courses


The department offers short courses in the following specialties:

a. Industrial Automation,

b. PLC and Process Control

c.  Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems

d. Welding and metal fabrication engineering

e. Foundry, forging and fitter mechanics

f. Mechanical Drafting & Design using AutoCAD and SOLIDWORK application software

g. Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration (HVAC),

h. Boiler Maintenance and servicing

i.  Maintenance and Laboratory management

j. Plumbing

k. Gas Fitting and piping systems.

l. Steam/Pipe Fitting

m. Occupational Health and safety in Oil and Gas Industry

n. Domestic Gas Utilization and safety

o. Installation of residential fire sprinkler system

p. Maintenance of pressure control equipment.

q. Gemstone identification and cutting.


New short course offered.

a. Internet of things. (IoT)

b. Smart manufacturing.